Bismarck Mayor reacts to petitions

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Critics of Bismarck mayor Mike Seminary are awaiting confirmation that they've gathered enough signatures to force a recall election.

His response: a special election could cost the city 50 thousand dollars.

"It's going to cost the city and taxpayers a boatload. Just the staff alone to go through those petitions is going to cost. You have no idea how disruptive this is. Somebody now has to stop doing what they are doing, serving the taxpayers and the residents to go through petitions," said Seminary.

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Committee members pushing the recall election submitted 2,500 signatures Tuesday. They voiced multiple complaints over the city ignoring citizens over infrastructure, spending and the mayor having his own agenda.

A challenger has come forward to run against the mayor.

"There is no accountability to the taxpayers. We've got things voted down. The city has proceeded anyway. We've had a lot of mismanagement of finances," said Steve Bakken.

The mayor says the petitions are just the first of many steps in the process and he awaits the outcome.

Seminary will hold a coffee with the mayor event tomorrow morning at 7:30 at Peacock Alley.