Bismarck Main Street Minute: Jazzy's Beauty Accessories opens

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Bismarck, N.D. - There's a new beauty and accessories store that's open in south Bismarck.

If you ask any woman, most will say they've had a bad hair day or two.

Wigs and hair extensions can help you feel and look your best, even when your hair doesn't cooperate.

Jazzy's Beauty Accessories opened at the beginning of this summer.

These wigs make it easier for patients who lose their hair through illness. Jazzy's Beauty Accessories in south Bismarck offers a variety of different hair solutions from synthetic and human hair wigs, to lace front wigs.

"I'm a cancer survivor so I thought it would a good idea to bring a wig store here so you have an alternative to look at something in store versus online," said Jacqueline Omurwa, owner of Jazzy's Beauty Accessories.

The store has different fashion items and statement jewelry, unique pieces bought in Chicago.

"Jazzy's back in the day is how they kids say it now - that's cool or hip or on fleek. Jazzy's was one of those types of words. It mean's you're really sharp. So some of the items that I pick, I expect to be jazzy," said Omurwa.

The beauty shop offers special ordered wigs and extensions of many different colors and lengths to help women have a good hair days. Jazzy's is at 931 South Ninth Street in South Bismarck.

Jazzy's is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.