Bismarck Main Street Minute: Caffe Aroma, Art from the Heart

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Caffe Aroma is opening up a new shop and Art from the Heart finally has a studio.

Caffe Aroma has been seeing good business in their downtown location in Bismarck, so they decided it was time to open up another location.

"We always knew we wanted to get another location, it just happened to be the right time and the right place and I think that this is a perfect fit for us," said Emily Burrows.

The new joint will be taking the space of Rocket Coffee on 43rd Avenue next to Karmin's Kitchen.

"The businesses around there really support other businesses coming in, so we're super excited to be able to pair up with those local businesses up there and see what we can do with the same thing kind of that we do down here and just bring it north," said Tina Wetzel, owner.

The owners hope to open the doors next week.

Another new place opening their doors is Art from the Heart.

The studio is on North Mandan Street in Bismarck.

"It is just amazing. The response I'm getting from people that are coming through is nothing but positive. It just seems to all be coming together," said owner and Artist Nina Loeks.

Loeks says she's excited to start teaching people in her new studio.

There will be an open house this Sunday from 1-3.

For more information on the Art from the Heart studio or on the new location of Caffe Aroma you can search them on Facebook.

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