Bismarck Kennel Club begins winter dog training classes

Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 8:56 PM CST
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The Bismarck Kennel Club is offering training classes to help improve dog obedience.

Whether they're a pure-bred, mixed breed, or a brand new puppy, anyone and any dog can participate.

The Kennel Club opened their doors Tuesday night for their winter dog training classes. Both renowned champion hounds and 7-month-old puppies alike paraded with confidence.

The club meets every Tuesday evening to train their dogs together. They say the welcoming atmosphere makes sure all skill levels feel comfortable.

"It's almost like being part of a very large family, is what it is. Everybody is very supportive of each other, they help each other out if there's problems or anything else, so it's just basically a group of friends working together," said Kevin Kosse, Vice President of the Kennel Club.

A properly fitted collar, six-foot leash, and plenty of treats to encourage your dog is all that is required to take up the sport.

Trainers say that their dogs get excited to compete.

"They enjoy doing it, they really do. They have a lot of fun going out. They're show offs," said Stacey Hauff, one of the dog handlers who attends the classes.

With both conformation dog showing classes and rally obedience classes available, there really is something for everyone.

Those who participate say that their hard work often pays off.

"I just get jitters when I go in the ring. I'm so excited and I'm nervous. And when the judge points to us and says you're the ones that win, I mean, I have video of me jumping in the air because I'm so excited. I’m very proud," said Barb Plum, another dog handler.

Plum is training her fourth dog, Amber, to be an award-winning dog as well.

You can go on the Bismarck Kennel Club Facebook page for more information on this winter's training classes.