Bismarck Fire Department poster contest winners

BISMARCK, N.D. - It's fire prevention week.

The Bismarck Fire Department is announcing winners for the poster contest it has every year for third, fourth and fifth graders in the district. The theme this year: "Not every hero wears a cape, plan and practice your escape!"

This year, the poster winners all happened to live out of town, but they still count as Bismarck residents. So instead of the fire truck going to get them at home like in the past, they met at the fire station where kids got to see where firemen work and they were pretty excited.

This week's wake-up call for some BPS students is a little different.

"The first place winner for every grade, they get a ride to school in the fire truck and they get their poster presented in the class and they also get a gift certificate," said Owen Fitzsimmons, fire marshall.

The winners say it was a new experience and it made their day.

"It was fun, but the part when I was getting down, I looked down, and I was like, ugh, this is kind of scary," said Kambryn Peltz, one of three first place winners.

This year's theme teaches students to have an escape plan if there's a fire in their home.

"If you don't know how to escape you can get very hurt," said Peltz.

The Bismarck Fire Department wants to drive an important message home to families.

"Get our message out. Fire safety in the home, we're trying to emphasize the theme of the year, and getting kids to take part," said Fitzsimmons.

Teaching all those in the community the importance of having a plan, knowing how to escape and to raise awareness.

The winning posters will be displayed on the city's website. The Bismarck Fire Department is encouraging students to sign up for the contest next year because you'll learn a valuable lesson, and have an experience you'll be able to share with those around you. ​