Bismarck Event Center addresses safety in wake of Manchester attack

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BISMARCK, N.D In the wake of the Manchester attack, we reached out to law enforcement and the Bismarck Event Center to find out what goes into keeping the public safe at large events.

They say reporting suspicious activity is part of that.

Bismarck Event Center says safety is their top priority. A staff member says their policy is "help us help you," at events.

They're not the typical sounds you hear at the end of a concert.

A terrorist attack outside the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England forced patrons to find their best escape. Twenty-two people were killed and dozens injured. It's a tragedy impacting everyone, especially those who work events.

"That was one of the top things on top of our agenda was what just happened, is everyone kind of aware of this incident," said Amanda Bakkedahl, Bismarck Events Center marketing and sales manager.

Bakkedahl says her and other staff talked about the attack and how it applies to their security measures. She says currently staff check for weapons at the doors, but patrons can be a big help, as well.

"If you see something, say something so they say that if you see something suspicious activity or behavior they want you to report that," said Sgt. Mark Buschena, Bismarck Police Department.

Buschena says public safety is everyone's responsibility. He says if people notice unattended backpacks, vehicles parked illegally, or others asking suspicious questions about the facility, they should report it.

"As a patron coming into our building, we always just ask that you kind of help us help you so if there's something that you feel is an unsafe situation and you feel that something isn't quite right, they let us know right away," said Bakkedahl.

She says if you see Event Center staff dealing with an incident to also stay away and let them de-escalate the situation.

Bismarck Police also say if you observe suspicious activity to contact 911 before posting to social media.