Bismarck Emergency Operation Center collaborating with city partners to overcome COVID-19 impacts

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BISMARCK, N.D. - On Monday, City of Bismarck leaders activated an Emergency Operations Center in response to the pandemic.

The operation center consists of Bismarck and Burleigh County leaders.

They collect, analyze, and organize emergency information in order to educate the public and hopefully slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The last time, the emergency operation center was launched was in 2011 when the Missouri River flooded.

Leaders say this is the first time the public health department has had the lead on an emergency operation, however, they are helping them with contact tracing and working with hospitals.

The EOC is also tracing the impacts on our community and its economy.

“We are looking at logistics and operations as well as the financial impact that all need to be coordinated, tracked and facilitated as we move through these efforts,” said Jason Tomanek, assistant city administrator for Bismarck.

The operation center is also collaborating with community partners to continue providing support to essential city services such as police, fire and, emergency responders.