Bismarck City Commission seeks public opinion on 2018 budget

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck City Commission is finalizing the 2018 city budget and wants your input.

The total proposed budget for 2018 is about $213 million dollars. The budget committee finalized its proposal on Aug. 17 and the full city commission will vote on it on Sept. 26.

Also on the Sept. 26, before they vote, the commission will hold a public hearing on the budget where citizens can come and voice concerns. If concerns are raised that the commission can't answer, they'll postpone the vote and schedule a special meeting to address them.

Commissioners emphasized that they want citizens to be involved with the project.

“Page through it and make sure that if there's any concerns make sure you come to that public input meeting on Sept. 26," said Steve Marquardt, Bismarck City Commissioner.

To take a look at the budget proposal click the link on the right side of this screen. The deadline for the City Commission to pass the final budget is Oct. 1.