Bismarck Bucks attract local talent at RB

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BISMARCK, ND- The Bismarck Bucks have made it a point to bring in local talent. Well, keeping with that theme, they’ve added former Dickinson State running back, Trayviel Boone to the fold.

Boone signed with the Bucks on Thursday, which only have him 48 hours to learn the playbook before Saturday night’s game in Bloomington, IL. “I’m like a sponge,” Boone says, “you know, with this football game. I really live for this, so it’s nothing to just sit there are study a playbook. It’s my life, so I got to go there and make the best of it.”

The Bucks had had a rash of injuries lately. In the last two weeks, they lost their starting quarterback, their top three receivers, and their best lineman. Head Coach and General Manager of the Bucks, Richard Davis says, "at some point and time, every team at the professional football level, will run into their challenges with roster and injuries. We're just facing ours early. So if we can go in there and sneak one out, go into Bloomington and go in there and win one like this, being this decimated by injuries. That'd say a lot to us about where we could be when we get healed up."

The Bucks play the Bloomington Edge tonight at 7:05 in Illinois. They will make their way back home April 1 to play Western Michigan, the only team they’ve beat so far this season.