Bismarck Acceleration Center launches new invention

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 6:47 PM CST
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Bismarck might just be one town, but the work of the people here is impacting the lives of many all over the country.

After years of hard work, Bismarck Acceleration Center engineers and employees have created a new series of compact loaders. Now, the team is traveling to Las Vegas to show it off.

In just five short years, the Doosan Bobcat Acceleration Center has acquired a lot of achievements. The latest: a T76 compact loader.

"These are loaders that do all kinds of work in the construction, landscape and constructal fields. These R-series loaders are going to inevitably replace the M-series loaders, which we launched in 2009," said Senior Product Manager Jorge Dehoyos.

Bringing this machine to life required years of engineering work.

Now, the team is off to Vegas for the annual World of Concrete conference to show off the finished product for the first time.

"This is the culmination of over a decade of work for Bobcat. There's a lot of small town people that work here, a lot of North Dakota people that work at this company. This is what we're the most proud of. This is our lifeblood as much as it is our customers lifeblood," said Director of Engineering Jeret Hoesel.

Staff says the Bismarck Acceleration Center was the key to making the T76 dream a reality.

"We've got vibration tables, sound chambers, a lot more space than we've had in the past. So, the development of the R-Series and the Acceleration Center here--the two went really hand in hand," Hoesel said.

The inventions go beyond the T76. In the new series, Bobcat will release about 20 different models of the machine which will range in size.

As of Monday, customers can purchase the R-Series compact loaders at their Bobcat dealers.

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