Birthday surprise for aspiring law enforcement officer

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MANDAN, N.D. - Law enforcement shocked Mandan residents Friday with a surprise appearance at Mandan Middle School.

The impromptu event was all for Andrew Helvig, a student who turned 13 on Wednesday.
Andrew Helvig is a seventh grader that wants to be a law enforcement officer when he grows up.

"They do good, they get the bad guys, and it's just really good to have a nice area where we live," said Andrew.

For career week in November Andrew dressed up as a member of a SWAT team, but since then part of his costume went missing.

"So I came up with an idea, maybe surprise him for his birthday here in January with a visit from the actual SWAT Team, and give him a chance to maybe experience what his dream might be like when it comes true," said David Tomlinson, School Resource Officer for Mandan Middle School.

The idea snowballed from there. Mandan's SWAT team brought a Bearcat vehicle down, the event also grew to include K-9 units, state troopers, city police, and Morton county deputies.

"You got to see all of the different things that they use. There's a thing that they break down the doors with, it was really heavy, and I got to pet a dog, that was actually really awesome," said Andrew.

Andrew says it was a birthday he'll never forget.

So to be clear, there was no emergency at the Mandan Middle School today, just lots of people happy to have law enforcement make a surprise visit.