Birdstrike grounds Sun Country plane at Bismarck Airport

Published: Apr. 23, 2019 at 10:05 PM CDT
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As thousands were flying home for Easter on Friday, Sun Country flight 8203 to Laughlin, Nev. hit a snag.

A birdstrike at the Bismarck Airport is leaving the plane grounded for more than a week.

​The plane has been grounded at the Bismarck Airport until repairs are finished.

Air traffic control recording:

"Clear to land Sun Country 8203."

While on a landing run at the Bismarck Airport the plane hit a large bird.

Air traffic control recording:

"I got some sad news for Sun Country 8203, we just hit a bald eagle, we're okay."

Air traffic control recording:

"Roger, we'll get more information when you're on the ground here."

Sun Country sent us a statement saying:

"After taxiing to the gate, the crew inspected the right wing and found damage. We sent an aircraft from MSP to continue on with the passengers, and the plane departed Bismarck for Laughlin at 11:40 p.m."

A team is being brought in from Boeing to repair the plane.

Sun Country anticipates the plane will be ready to fly again late next week. ​