Billings County School Board approves four-day school week


BILLINGS COUNTY, N.D. - The Billings County School Board has approved to change the county’s schools to a four-day school week, if the final decision is accepted by the state.

Jan Kuchera, a teacher for the district said teachers will also be dedicating one Friday a month for staff known as “Discovery Day” with extra tutoring, accelerated programs and activities

Kuchera also added these Fridays will seem like a regular school day and have STEM projects, which are learning based projects, job shadowing and other ways for the district to improve student’s learning environment.

Billings school board also distributed surveys with results from parents and teachers. There were 86 parents and current students who responded to the survey, 76.7 were in favor of the four day school week.

According to Lynn Arthaud, a former school board member, the Board first proposed a four-day school week in 2015.