Bikers support victims of PTSD with 9th annual Joe Biel Ride

When soldiers return home from war, they often bring with them the invisible scars of post-traumatic stress disorder.

A group of roughly a hundred motorcycle riders held the 9th annual Joe Biel Ride in Minot June 25 to raise awareness of PTSD.

The ride is dedicated to Joe Biel, who committed suicide following two tours in Iraq.

The $20 fee to ride goes to the Veterans Warrior Foundation to support clinics for veterans in Minot and Fargo.

“On average 22 veterans a day commit suicide due to PTSD. We've lost more people to PTSD the last ten years than we have to actual combat,” said Jory Stevenson, with Apathy Original Motorcycle Club. “Vets deal and see things that normal Americans don't ever have to see over in combat, so obviously we want to look out for them and ensure they're taken care of.”

The riders traveled from Minot to Stanley, and then to Bowbells and Mohall before returning to the Magic City.