Beulah tax payers asked to vote on $17.5 million project to update high school

Beulah school district is looking to make updates to its high school.

It's coming with a hefty price tag of $17.5 million, and if you live in Beulah you're going to have to decide if you want to pay for it.

Corrosion, asbestos and lack of insulation, are a few of the issues students and staff say are happening behind the walls of Beulah High School.

“Whenever someone flushes the toilet the sewage backs up into our sinks,” said science teacher Melanee Pulver.

A quarantined room and lockers leave students and teachers holding their breath while walking through the hallways. Reports of constant flooding, and non-ADA compliant stairs not accessible for anyone with limitations.

“We knew we had issues with the building, especially with this window wall, smell in the building, heat, extremely hot rooms, extremely cold rooms… I was a teacher before I was a principal and my classroom on hot days one day it topped of in the 90s on cold days it could be 50 degrees, you have kids wearing blankets,” said Carl Blackhurt, principal at Beulah High.

The boiler room filled with outdated machines, leaving residue to pile up on the ground. Pulver says the school used the electric boiler for 6 days and raised the schools bill by thousands.

“I just worry if the project doesnt go through how long is this building going to last,” said Pulver.

The Beulah school board is asking residents to vote by December 11 but to be aware of the issues that are impacting Beulah children's education. This project will be close to 18 million dollars, and come out of tax payers pockets.

“It’s an expensive project, myself included, my taxes will go up also,” said Blackhurst.

For questions about the project, or more information residents may reach out to Principal Carl Blackhurst or Superintendent, Travis Jordan.

You can vote now until December 11, at Golden Valley Community Hall or Beulah High School, or go to Beulah High during business hours.

If you want to know how much more this will raise your taxes, you can go online and enter your true and full residential value to find the annual and monthly tax impacts.