Beulah Shopko among 10 closing in N.D.

BEULAH, N.D. - Financially-troubled Shopko has announced it will close 139 stores nationwide, including 10 in North Dakota.

In Beulah Shopko closing is coming as a shock to some residents.

"There's a lot of foot traffic through there on a daily basis. I guess as a Beulah resident we assumed the store was doing well financially so when the rumor started and the word spread that it was closing it caught a lot of us by surprise," said Jeff Baranick, Beulah.

It means residents will have to drive up to an hour to get some of the products the store carries.

"Big retail place for us, a lot of people may take that little trip to Shopko for granted," said Mayor Travis Frey, Beulah.

It's also causing some stress for the tax base. Beulah opened a city wellness center less than a year ago.

"We expected that store to be open for the long term and it won't be. We have yet to see the impact but it's got some people, I think, a little bit concerned," said Baranick.

City officials hope to get a new business to fill the location as soon as possible.

Rolla and Rugby residents say Shopko is a vital part of their communities, and now they'll have to take their business elsewhere.

Stanley's store will remain open.

This is the full list of stores in North Dakota that will be closing: Rolla, Bowman, Oakes, Carrington, Lisbon, Mayville, Cavalier, Grafton, Rugby, and Beulah.