Beulah Public Schools launch bullying prevention program

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BEULAH, N.D. - The latest Youth Risk Behavior Study indicated that more than 30 percent of Beulah High School students have been bullied on school property. The school district wants to do something about that.

Beulah Public School students tie-dyed more than 900 t-shirts Monday to stomp out bullying.

"We want to discourage negative behavior amongst our student body, and we want everyone to feel included and welcome, and that's what we're aiming for at Beulah Public Schools," says Jeff Baranick, Beulah Middle School teacher.

The district started a bullying prevention program this school year. Teachers and faculty say the goal is similar to the motto - 'Stand up, speak out, and stop bullying.'

"If somebody is being hurt, we say the phrase a lot. Say helpful things instead of hurtful things and help out your classmates and friends," says Baranick.

Students tie-dyed t-shirts to kickoff the effort, with high school students assisting the youngest ones.

"Hopefully by the time the little kids reach high school, they will have a lot better experience than the ones before, and I have," says Jenna Rueb, sophomore.

Although the bullying prevention program has only been in place for a month, students and faculty say they've already seen changes.

"We're not as judgmental .We're starting to accept other people into our friend groups and spread out," says Rueb.

"Tell people it's not right and teach the younger kids so they don't get in the habit of doing it," says Evelyn Lebrun, fifth grader.

Teachers say they hope the program will help the students become better adults down the road.