Bessy's Best 'honor system' store front

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STERLING, N.D. - The "honor system" is still being honored in Sterling, North Dakota. Bessy's Best store front is open 24-7 out on the farm in Sterling.

It sells everything from pizza's to their famous whole milk, which is a customer favorite.

"There isn't even an option as a skim or a 1 or 2 percent, it's just whole milk. People have loved using that for their kids and themselves," said Billie Jo Reutter, Harvey resident.

For Reutter, the honor system at the store works well because she buys milk in bulk for her store in Harvey.

"It can't work in any place, so it's fun that it can still work her in North Dakota, so we have an honest crew yet," said Reutter.

All you have to do is grab your item and put the money in the slot.

"People are basically honest. We've had pretty good luck with ours. I have customers that will even look out for me," said Kathy Goetz, owner of Bessy's Best.

Goetz does have a surveillance camera in the store, just in case people forget to pay for their products. She said, "It's not something we sit and check all the time, but if we see that we kind of have a little problem then we'll go check it out."

This honor system used at Bessy's Best offers customers the opportunity to stop in at any hour of the day or night.