Benefits for Lily

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All the money raised in the Sanford Health Foundation Great American Bike Race goes to families to help cover the expenses of caring for a child with Cerebral palsy or some other condition.

She may have physical challenges, but 7-year-old Lily Ford is a smart, social first grader with plenty of friends. And she has plenty of support as well, with a team of pedal pushers on her side.

Have you ever been to the race before?
"Yes, lots of times last year," said Lily.
What's it like there?
"It's like a lot of bikes there and there's a pretty loud buzzer," said Lily.

She has a twin brother named Cash. They're best friends. Mom says they never fight. And though they aren't in the same class at school, they get together when they can.

"We eat lunch with her. And maybe in the hallways sometimes we can see. And sometimes after music, I can see her," said Cash Ford, Lily's twin brother.

There's a long list of items that GABR has covered for the Fords that insurance did not. One of the biggest was an allowance to convert a van to make it much easier to take Lily to school and elsewhere.

"Before, I was having to lift her up and get her into a car seat in the back seat of the van. And take apart her manual chair, popping off the tires, putting that all in the back. And if you can imagine doing that while the wind is blowing 40 to 50 miles per hour in the middle of winter, um yeah, it's not fun," said Nicole Ford, Lily's mom.

Lily may be little now, but her mom says she's already talking about college and thinking about a career.

The big race takes place a April 27 at Legacy High School.

We'll have one hour of live coverage beginning at 12 p.m. CDT.