Benedictine nun shows flare for art

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A Benedictine Nun with a flare for art and a love of people who are immortal champions of the faith, has an almost unlimited supply of subjects for her latest project.

The Catholic Church venerates more than 10,000 saints and Sister Nancy Gunderson is well on her way to depicting many of them.

Sister Nancy Gunderson spends a lot of time in the company of saints.

Sister Nancy Gunderson, Annunciation Monastery: "I don't have a favorite saint because I just love them all."

She also loves to paint, so combining two of her interests goes together like Mary and Joseph.

Sister Nancy Gunderson: I get to know the saint better as I paint that particular saint, so sometimes I'm in dialog with that person, kind'a wondering what their life was like.

Nat sound of paint brushes

She's already painted fifty images of saints on 3 1/2 inch tall wooden pegs. Saint Bernadette, Saint Scholastica, Saint Benedict, Saint Peter, Saint John Paul the Mother Teresa, they'll all here, complete with ornamentation associated with their lives.

Sister Nancy Gunderson: This is Mary Magdalene, she's a well loved saint. She's holding a jar so that she can pour oil out of the jar and anoint the feet of Jesus.

It takes several hours to complete each character, and sales of the figures are ascending.

Sister Nancy Gunderson: People just love them, and so, I was just surprised that there was so much excitement around them.

The sky's the limit for this celestial collection, Sister Nancy has enough paint and pegs to create spiritual statues until the saints come marching in.

Sister Nancy's miniature figurines can be purchased at the Annunciation Monastery gift shop or the Bismarck Arts and Galleries Association Museum.