Beloved Knowles Jewelry, a Minot Staple, is closing

MINOT, N.D.- Knowles Jewelry has been a Minot staple since 1984, but the store owners behind the business are hanging it up.

In 2005, when Knowles jewelry was closing, Al and Linda Torrington decided to take on the business with a love of jewelry and a business degree.

"I get home at 11 or 11:30 at night and he said, "Do you want to buy Knowles​ Jewelry?" and I said, "Sure, why not?" It was our second opportunity and not for one second have we regretted doing this," said the couple.

The couple says they would like to travel with their beloved dogs more and be with their children and grandchildren. That is why they have decided it's time to retire.

"We finally said well, we're going to make this happen. and just like we bought it with her going out of business sale, we were hoping somebody will step forward during ours. And we are still hoping," the couple said.

They haven't set an exact date when the store will be closing, but Al says it would be sometime after Christmas.