Behind the scenes on a Tigirlily music video shoot

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BISMARCK, ND - Tigirlily, the sister act that's become a North Dakota singing sensation is releasing new material Monday.

A video that coincides with "Fall," their latest EP, will hit the internet Monday.

An EP, or Extended Play recording, contains more than one track, but fewer songs than a typical album.

Producing a music video is similar to making a mini movie.

Lights, cameras and action, showcasing actors and musicians at multiple locations are just a few of the pieces needed to create a quality production.

Nolan Johnson, director for Quantum Productions, said, "You shoot an hour worth of footage to get two or three minutes of usable stuff."

Nolan Johnson has directed eight of Tigirlily's music videos.

Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, Tigirlily, said, "Music videos are so huge now because of all the social media sites. We have youtube even facebook does videos now. When you do a music video more people see it and they share it."

"Fall" from the Wild Creatures EP, is the first break-up song the Hazen, North Dakota, natives have written and recorded.

"It is something that girls and guys go through all the time, break-ups, you know, you always don't find the right one right away," said the singers.

This music video was shot at four locations using two actors and a four person production crew.

The Slaubaughs said, "This was a one day shoot, but our wake-up call was at like 5:45am so we've been going all day. We did the actor and actress scenes in the morning and now we're finally getting to our singing scenes.

"Fall" is the fourth EP Tigirlily has released. The folk, county and pop music Kendra and Krista write and record has attracted nearly 150-thousand thousand social media fans.

You can pre-order the new Tigirlily EP "Wild Creatures" on iTunes. The "Fall" music video will be posted on Monday morning.