Becker's run ends on Jeopardy!

Photo courtesy of Jeopardy!
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Bismarck's Kyle Becker made quite a name for himself on the game show Jeopardy!

"Being on the stage for the first time with the buzzer in your hand, at least for me, it was very ethereal and just like I was on cloud 9 because this had been near the top of my bucket list for a while,” Becker said.

Becker attempted to become a five-day champion today, but ended up in third place, trailing the second place contestant going into Final Jeopardy by just $3,000.

His run came to an end as Ben Raphel of Boston guessed correctly becoming the new champion.

Becker still earned $1,000 today for a five day total of $64,802!

He says he's going to pay off a big chunk of his student loans and take a vacation.