Bearscat Bakery adds Dreamsicle Donut to menu

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BISMARCK, N.D. - A little girl's wish is coming true as a new Dreamsicle Donut is being added to the menu at Bearscat Bakery.

Teachers at Miller Elementary school in Bismarck had their students invent donuts for a creative writing assignment. They sent the results to the Bearscat Bakery, which picked a winning idea to add to their summer menu. The dreamsicle has an orange cream filling and vanilla frosting on top.

"We'll put it on the menu and if it sells we'll keep selling. We just kind of rotate through flavors. It'll be there for a while. It's a nice summer flavor, it sounds very summery," said Kevin Cavanagh, Bearscat owner​.

Cavanagh says they might even bring it back next summer, and make it a regular part of their flavor rotation.