Batmobile rolls into Minot's iMagicon

MINOT, ND - An iconic part of American television and comics is in the magic city this weekend.

The Batmobile of the old Adam West Batman show has rolled into Minot for this year's iMagicon.

Adam West impersonator Clint Young has brought the vehicle to Minot.

Young has traveled the country for the past 30 years showcasing the car to hordes of eager fans.

“The TV series version of Batman never dies. Like, how many movies have come out? In a year, they're forgotten. This TV show just keeps going generation after generation cause they keep showing it on TV. It’s never been off TV since the 60’s,” said Young.

The car is fully functional, with all of the bells and whistles of the car from the show, and it even shoots fire out the back—when it's outside, of course.

Also bringing the lore of Batman to iMagicon--none other than Johnny Green, the leader of the Greenmen band.

Green and the band rose to fame in the 60's with their iconic Batman theme song on the show. Green still tours at events to share some of the Bat-culture.

“Watching the people's expression, and their faces, and the little kids, and the big kids too!” said Green.

“They could walk up with a frown, and when they walk up it's like this (smiles). I've had people cry tears of joy because they've waited their whole life just to see this car and to touch it. And then when they get to sit in it and get their photo, it's just a dream come true,” said Young.

Bringing a taste of Gotham to the Magic City..

The Batmobile is on display at iMagicon until Sunday at the Holiday Inn Riverside in Minot.