Barnes & Noble holds annual holiday book drive

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This holiday season Barnes & Noble has partnered with the Souris Valley United Way for their annual holiday book drive.

The United Way picked up more than 300 books Monday.

Sometimes you can find the magic of the holidays inside a book.

"You have a great friend, you have a great adventure. You'll never be alone if you have a good book" said Joyce Anderson, Barnes & Noble children's leader.

Barnes & Noble ask their customers this season to pay it forward, bringing a smile to a child's face.

"We ask every customer, 'Would you like to donate a book to a child through the Souris Valley United Way this year?' And, most people don't turn you down when you hold up a children's book, because we want children to read," said Anderson.

"This is just really amazing that Barnes & Nobel does this for our community because people get excited about giving back and helping a local child. Maybe they think back to their childhood, maybe they didn't have books, maybe they went through some hard times and they just want to pay it forward and help a family in need," said United Way's Campaign Coordinator Danielle Rued.

All contributions will stay local, and get into the hands of children that are in the most need.

"If there is a couple of areas where they think that they need books, then we'll try to make sure we give books to the areas of the most need. And then, if we get a lot of books we'll make sure we keep giving to the areas that are in need," said Rued.

Continuing a holiday tradition of giving back to the Magic City.

You can donate anything you purchase in a Barnes and Noble for the Book Drive, which runs through Jan. 1.