Bank of North Dakota sponsors College Application Day at Williston High School

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Applying to college can be a challenging process, but some students in Williston are getting a leg up with their first application.

While it's only October, many high school seniors already have plans for after graduation.

"I'm probably going to study mostly music, but I'm going to try and go a little bit farther in my math," says Xachious Shriver, Williston senior.

"Yeah, I'm want to go into study interior design, that's why I can't finish my degree here because they don't have a degree I can get," says Kayla Benth, Williston senior.

In order to help them achieve those plans, members of seven colleges from the state came out to assist students in the application process.

"Our goal is really just to help students apply for college. Whether it's at Williston State or another institution, we're just happy to help these students as they do the college search process and the college application process," says Leah Windnagle, Williston State College.

Each student was given a $35 application waiver to a North Dakota college of their choice from the Bank of North Dakota.

"We're excited. We feel like it fits perfectly with our mission as it relates to education and having an educated work force for our state, so we're excited to be here today and things are going great," says Shirley Glass, Bank of North Dakota.

That helps some students who might not have the opportunity otherwise.

"It also gives students the opportunity to apply when they may not have had that support from home or throughout their years of schooling. It's helpful to have people be here cheering them on and assisting them in the process," says Windnagle.

Many students realize the possibilities the program offers.

"That means a really great opportunity for me. Even if I'm not going to a college in North Dakota, I get a chance to apply to a college and get a chance to go to college here," says Shriver.

Officials say by applying early, there's a better chance at getting scholarship money.

More than 80 North Dakota high schools will have a day devoted to college applications this month.