Bagnell's first recruiting class

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BISMARCK, N.D. - From the moment Craig Bagnell took over for Josh Kotelnicki as the University of Mary head football coach, it was no secret a big change was going to take place.

The Marauders kicked the option offense to the curb in favor of the type of game Bagnell played when he became the all-time leading passer in program history. To run that type of offense you need a certain skill set and the way you get kids in college in through recruiting.

Bagnell and his staff signed 42 players in its first football recruiting class.

"The big theme for us in this recruiting process has been find athletes, that's our goal. So when we sat down as a staff and started organizing what we want to do, and when we where to go and how we want to accomplish it, the main priority was find athletes. I mean, we weren't just taking every kid we could. Our deal was, for example, corner's are a big deal, so find a bunch of corner's because those kids could play safety, some of them will get big enough eventually and play outside linebacker, so it kind of ties in with our system," said Bagnell.

Four Legacy Sabers are on the Marauders signing list: Jason Hoekstra, Kyle Niemeyer, Devin Beck and Tyler Morrison.

The other local athletes are: Jonah Krebs of St.Mary's, Century's Kade Lynch, Skyler Bossert of Mandan and Cody Mehlhoff from Kidder County.