Back-and-forth continues in recycling plant civil suit

MINOT, N.D. - Both sides have filed paperwork in the civil battle between the city of Minot and the recycling plant that burned down earlier this year.

The city of Minot has filed paperwork with the courts, arguing that the judge should deny a request from Earth Recycling, Inc. and Divine Mercy, LLC, who owns the land, to drop its $125,000 bond in the case.

The bond sits in the event the court decides the two plaintiffs were not justified in moving for an injunction.

The plant burned down in May, and then in July the city filed a cease and desist order, arguing the plant was not in compliance with the latest zoning ordinances.

The plant, in turn, filed for an injunction against the city, but the judge refused to extend it, forcing the plant to cease operations by Oct. 24.

Meanwhile, Earth Recycling and Divine Mercy requested that the courts approve Sandra Kuntz as a mediator for the case, and argued that the City of Minot should pay her expenses.

The two sides are headed for trial May 8.