Babe Ruth World Series boosts Williston economy

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WILLISTON, N.D. - During the Babe Ruth World Series, visitors to Williston are branching out to see what the city has to offer.

The improvements at Aafedt stadium make it a wonderful venue for any fan.

"Love it. People are great. It's a baseball community, and we came here to play baseball, so you couldn't ask for anything more," says Pete Schafer, Torrance, C.A.

And Williston is making an impression of its own.

"We didn't expect this, no way. We wanted to come out and experience whatever we had, but this is way above what we expected," says Schafer.

With nine teams from across the country, there are plenty of new visitors. And they'll spend some money while they're here.

"If you spend about $115 a day, over the 10 day period, you're going to have an economic impact number of about a million dollars, so that's a huge number," says Amy Krueger, Williston CVB.

Events like the World Series provide an opportunity to put Williston on the map.

"Well, I just think any time we can showcase our community and show people what we're all about, and that hospitality and that warm welcome we're able to give to people, it helps our image of Williston grow," says Krueger.

And some visitors might even come back.

"In the summertime? Heck yeah we would. Weather's great right now and they're playing baseball under the sun like this, you couldn't ask for anything more," says Schafer.

There are five more days of baseball, and five more days for people to experience what Williston has to offer.

A tournament champion will be crowned Saturday.