BSC business class sells books and DVDs

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Two years ago, the Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation sold its assets.

More than 20,000 books and DVDs would have been returned to their authors and producers, but Gov. Doug Burgum vetoed the legislative move.

The North Dakota State Legislature donated $370,000 worth of materials to Bismarck State College.

That's 84 percent more than the median home price in North Dakota.

Now a class is using the books and DVDs to provide hands-on learning.

Usually Kevin Cavanagh's students pick one item and try to sell it the entire semester. This semester, the classes tried to sell 5,000 books and DVDs.

“It's hard to find somebody who is interested in Lewis and Clark and untold stories of them or someone who wants to read the 73 rewritten Psalms of David. How do you find those people,” said Alex Skalicky, sophomore.

Cavanagh's eCommerce and project management classes created a sales plan to get the books off the shelves.

“We had to go through our email marketing campaign. We realized it was probably for our older audience. So that's where we went through our alumni and sent them out an email campaign. We did an Instagram push for the younger audience,” said Kevin Cavanagh, associate professor of management.

“You can see actual results of what we're doing, who we're emailing, who we are getting in contact with, how our press releases worked out. So, we can see that we've actually sold this amount of books,” said Skalicky.

Some students came up with the idea of creating a viral video to get the word out.

“Our idea was to do a Harlem Shake video but instead of everyone going crazy at the end we would be reading books,” said Kendall Scherr, junior.

While the students only sold a little over a thousand books, they're still getting an A on the project.

Next semester Cavanagh plans on having his class host a book signing with a few of the authors in March.

If you're interested in purchasing a book or DVD you can find them at the BSC bookstore.

The price ranges from about $9 to $16.