BPS's Career Academy Botany and Horticulture course turns into a hybrid class for summer

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 5:31 PM CDT
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There's the science you can learn from a book, and there's the science you can learn by getting your hands dirty.

One can be a lot more fun than the other.

Just ask the students in the Botany and Horticulture class, part of the Bismarck Schools Career Academy.

These students start their coursework at home, with online presentations.

Then it's time to head to the career academy for some hands-on learning.

Shoveling dirt and clearing a path for a waterfall is just one of the many projects these botany and horticulture students will do this summer.

Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy Botany and Horticulture Teacher Shawn Brink said: "The kids are designing it, the water fall. They're trouble shooting it. They're figuring out were problems might be and how we can fix them."

Students said they are not only receiving credit towards graduation, but are gaining valuable skills as well.

Century High School Junior Phelan O’brien said, "I also thought this would be one of the more useful ones, like if I ever wanted to put, like landscape my own house in the future, then I'd have a better idea on what to do and what looks good."

Brink said this project-based learning will benefit his students when they enter the workforce.

Brink said, "We believe at the Career and Tech Center and I think our entire district believes this all the way up to our superintendent that kids' ability to problem solve and work collaboratively and solve problems, that's what our employers want when our kids get out of school."

The students hope to have a finished product by the end of next week.

Brink and his students look forward to the next project, planting sweet corn.