BPS students get to take flight

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 7:36 PM CST
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The students of the Bismarck Career Academy Aviation program are excited for a new learning tool.

The high schoolers will be taking off in a new plane and into more hands on training. With a thorough discussion of purchasing a plane for the BPS school district, the school board decided to go ahead and approve the buy.

And, Brad Stangeland, the aviation instructor, is thankful for everyone involved.

"I was very happy for not only just the current students alone, but also alumni, too, that helped make this happen, one to see this happen, and we did it in the end," said Stangeland.

The new plane will allow program expenses to be cut in half.

Bismarck High junior Joseph Seibold said, "Having your own plane is really going to save us a lot of money, so I’m more, since I work, it’s easier for me to be able to pay for our flight training since I don't have to worry about a cost of another plane."

Legacy high senior Casey Wetzel says he thinks the new plane will bring more people into the program.

"This aviation program could really expand by owning this airplane. We could end up getting more air planes in the future, more students are going to start taking this class. I think it's a really cool thing," said Wetzel.

The students will have access to the Cessna 150 aircraft to practice whenever they need it. All BPS students can start the year-long Aviation program in their sophomore, junior or senior year.

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