BPS board starts coherent governance training

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BISMARCK, N.D. - In December, the Bismarck Public School board decided they would shift to a coherent governance model. The board began training this week.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the BPS board began their training, led by the authors of "Good Governance is a Choice."

The new model will hold the administration accountable for achieving their standards for operation. It will also eliminate confusion on the roles and responsibilities for staff.

The BPS board consulted with similar districts like West Fargo and Fargo, which have already adopted this model.

“So they've done their due diligence. They've read the books, they've interviewed other board members and superintendents in adjacent districts. They've talked to us, we've had a couple of video conference calls with them. Now what we do is take template language and they customize it for Bismarck,” said Linda Dawson, Senior Partner of AGI Aspen Group International.

The next training session will be focused on identifying results for student achievement and push levels of performance.