BPD crime prevention unit revamps

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Police Department's crime prevention unit is being revamped.

Someone new is overseeing the division and his mission is to have a greater connection with the community. Unshelving old ideas and stirring up new ways to connect and keep Bismarck safe.

"We got 73,000 citizens," said Sgt. John Brocker, support services."And we're spread thin."

The team of three have many projects brewing.

Caitlin Horne, crime Pprevention officer said: "Everyone knows that Bismarck is growing." And so is crime. "Trying to divide Bismarck into different districts." To better pinpoint issues. "We can get that intel and give it to our patrol or give it to the right division here at the police department."

The unit will go door to door in neighborhoods across the city to connect with the community.

"A game changer is what this is going to be," said Brocker.

To better understand what the problems areas are to tackle them more effectively.

"Workloads increased, but it's a fun type of employment. We're doing positive things for the community and people really enjoy the job we're doing," said Clint Fuller, crime prevention officer.

The division will be rolling out more than a dozen different programs.

In August, the unit will unveil all of the projects it's been working on.