BHS students joining nationwide walkout against gun violence

Student walkout protest graphic by MGN.
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BISMARCK, N.D. - On March 14th, students from across the country will walkout of school in memory of the 17 victims of the Parkland shooting. Students in Bismarck will be among them.

About 30 students have already said they're going to walkout and that number is expected to rise. Sarah Vadnais and her classmates at Bismarck High say they're taking whatever steps they can to stop gun violence.

"I think we just want to be able to tell people that this isn't a partisan issue, it's a humanitarian issue,” said Vadnais.

"We are the United State so we need to step up and make a change,” said Anna Roaldson, junior.

After the Parkland shooting, Vadnais set up a Facebook group organizing students to participate in the national walkout. The students say now is the time to act on gun control.

"We're not saying to take away all guns, that's obviously a dumb thing to do. We're just saying have stricter gun control,” said Calvin Karalus, junior.

"It's really scary to think about the fact that I'm 18 and I could walk into any gun store and walk away with the same gun Nikolas Cruz used to shoot up a high school,” said Katie Tschosik, senior

Bismarck Public Schools said they will not dismiss class for any walkouts, but students can get parent permission to march and have the absence excused. If teachers want to march, they must take a personal leave.

"We're not trying to start a war and be a divisive force among students. We're just trying to inform people about the casualties that these weapons have caused upon our schools, our homes and communities,” said Vadnais.

Vadnais added she's hopeful that about 50 students will walk out on the 14th.