Avocado prices skyrocket

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BISAMRCK, N.D. - Any Mexican food lover knows guacamole cost extra. But now, you might have to get a side job to pay for your side of avocado.

According to the American Restaurant Association, wholesale prices for avocados are up 125 percent since the beginning of the year.

A crate of 48 avocados cost $37.25 in January. Today, it's almost $84, which is the highest price on record.

The reason? Poor harvest.

One local restaurant owner says price isn't the only problem.

“The prices have really been going up lately, and I’ve noticed that a lot of the avocados are not good when you get them, you get them green, and they turn black inside when you open them,” said Elma Donez, owner of Tejana Mexican restaurant in Bismarck.

The American Restaurant Association says Another reason for the spike in price is that demand for avocados is at an all-time high.