Author compiles series of books on Minot's rich history

MINOT, N.D. - A former Minot teacher who now lives out of state is writing a series of books on the history of the Magic City, and the first volume is already on sale.

Photo courtesy Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson has written "Minot, North Dakota, and Area History."

Home Sweet Home co-owner Linda Johnson read a passage from the first volume in a series of books on the history of the Magic City.

“Minot old-timers remember the 12-foot buffalo bone pile that Warner and Stoltz stacked up in Minot,” read Johnson.

Anderson, a former teacher from the Minot area who now lives in Idaho, has compiled these extensive pictorials. They contain hundreds of old-time photos of the early beginnings of Minot, from the railroads, to buffalo wagons, to life and leisure and everything in between.

“It's not something you have to start and finish. I mean, you can pick it up any place in the book. There's different stories throughout the whole book,” said Johnson.

Johnson, Anderson's longtime friend, was the first in the Minot area to sell the book in her store.

“He's been in touch with me even after he moved out of state. And he wanted me to review the book before he sent it to print, and I just think it's great,” she said.

Anderson has more books on the way, with the second volume coming out soon.

Home Sweet Home will carry the book as long as they have copies of it throughout the holiday season.