Attorneys request to suppress video surveillance evidence in Isaak case

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MANDAN, N.D. - An attorney representing Chad Isaak in an accused quadruple homicide, filed to suppress evidence that was recorded by surveillance cameras on Mandan businesses.

In court documents filed on May 14, the defendant argues statements made about the crime scene are false.

Statements include:

- "While exiting the building, the attacker is observed wearing dark colored clothing on RJR video surveillance."

- "An RJR vehicle is observed driving from the area of RJR maintenance & Management and is parked at Indigo Signs which is within one block of RJR."

- "The individual is observed walking from the area of Indigo Sings westbound towards Midway Lanes."

The defendant argues that video surveillance shows the attacker is still wearing orange headgear and top when exiting the building.

According to the documents, law enforcement failed to provide witnesses observing the RJR truck leaving the property and driving to Indigo Signs.

Documents also state the video surveillance at Midway Lanes is not time stamped and doesn't link the person seen in video to the RJR truck.

The brief said surveillance videos shows an attacker leaving RJR in orange clothing, however, the individual walking along Memorial Highway and getting into a truck that looks like Isaak's was wearing different clothing.

The motion hearing to suppress evidence and request a change of venue is scheduled for July 1 in Morton County.