Attorney allowed to withdraw from Minot murder case

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 1:28 PM CST
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There are new developments Thursday morning in the case of a Minot man accused of killing his father.

The courts will allow the assigned attorney for 29-year-old Christopher Vickerman to leave the case.

Vickerman is charged with murder in the shooting death of his father Mark in May.

Thursday morning, Vickerman’s now-former attorney Eric Baumann made his argument before Judge Douglas Mattson to withdraw.

Baumann, who took over as lead attorney in late October, filed motion to withdraw on Dec. 5 due to a “substantial deterioration of the attorney-client relationship.”

“I would submit that it would be appropriate for our office to be allowed to withdraw. And I think under the circumstances that it would be appropriate for Mr. Vickerman to have new counsel,” said Baumann.

State Prosecutor Roza Larson objected to the motion to withdraw, saying the change in attorneys could draw out the proceedings longer.

“The victims have been waiting for these matters to either conclude by way of plea or have a trial set. And having new council put on this case will delay that for a number of months. It's time to continue to move forward rather than taking two steps back and having a new attorney assigned to this case,” said Larson.

Mattson approved the withdrawal as long as all evidence is given to the new defense attorney.

Another hearing won't be scheduled until the new lawyer takes over the case.

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