As his wife battles cancer, Bismarck man uses art to inspire hope

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BISMARCK, N.D. - When Bill Brien is on his phone, he probably isn't texting. He’s making images for his company.

"To regard myself as an artist, I don't see that and I don't feel that but people have told me that you are an artist,” said Bill Brien, who created a company called Bountiful Rei’s. "Each image, each design tells a story, a story of family, of hope. That's what Bountiful Rei's is. It's about family and hope."

Which started after Bill's wife Geri was diagnosed with cancer three years ago.

"I was at work and the surgeon had said, 'are you sitting down,' and I said yes and she said 'you have cancer,'” said Bill’s wife Geri, who is fighting stage 4 cancer.

Geri then went through months of aggressive treatment to beat the cancer, only for the cancer to come back stronger.

"If I can beat it once, I'm going to do it again, and I'm going to. I had kids; that meant a lot to me,” said Geri.

Bill continued to make designs, eventually putting them on clothing and selling them as a way to spread the message of hope. Even Geri's oncology nurses at Sanford got in on the act.

"I'm a big supporter for Geri and I wanted to be there for both of Geri and Bill,” said CNA Susan Peters, who works at Sanford Health.

Geri faces an uphill battle every day, but will keep going with Bill.

"My husband, he's been my rock. He's taken care of me,” said Geri.

Who will keep making shirts because of her. Bill said that he plans to add more designs to his website.