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A new North Dakota Nonprofit is giving victims of Human Trafficking a place to go.

Brandi Jude has been working for more than a year to get her organization off the ground. An event Thursday at Capital Gallery gives her a big step toward her goal.

Though they don't have the house yet, Jude and Invisible Innocence are well on their way.

"What we're actually trying to do is raise a year and a half worth of operating expenses before we get the door open so that way we're ready to go and we're kind of having that piece covered," said Jude, Founder of Invisible Innocence.

More than 100 people came from around Bismarck-Mandan to show their support.

"You can hear the noise of the crowd behind us, and so it is a gathering of all of these people who are so interested not only in supporting Bismarck as a whole, but directly supporting Invisible Innocence project. So as the laughter grows and the visiting continues, we're being brought together for a wonderful cause," said Stacie Iken, a Bismarck Resident.

Capital Gallery is donating Ten percent of their sales for the night, and one new and unique piece to be auctioned for Invisible Innocence.
"Overall I just hope that everyone that came tonight and is able to learn a little bit more about invisible innocence's program," said Jude.

Invisible Innocence offers services and programs that cover the needs of Trafficking victims who are trying to reestablish their lives.

For more information you can go to their website at: