Arrive 2045 plan moves forward

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Considering the rapid pace of technology, it's hard to predict what transportation will look like by 2045, but leaders in Bismarck and Mandan are giving it a whirl.

They've been working on a plan called Arrive 2045 for about a year now and right now they're focused on issues like autonomous vehicles and the difference they'll make in how people travel. Based on estimates, project leaders say by 2045, anywhere from 35 to 95 percent of the vehicles on the road could be driving themselves.

“What are emerging technologies, how are communities you know evolving into becoming smarter cities in terms of some of the technology we're using for transportation and just to let people kind of brainstorm for what that means for Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln,” KLJ Project Engineer Wade Kline said.

Kline says they'll come back to the public in January with a finalized project plan.