Army Corps to reduce releases from Garrison Dam

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Flooding along the Missouri River system has the Army Corps of Engineers trying to hit the right mix of open and closed gates.

That means for now, they're going to hold water back in Garrison Dam.

The Corps says they're going to step back releases from Garrison Dam to 10,000 cubic feet per second by April 9. This will be their lowest level since April of 2010.

According to their Daily Bulletin, levels at Garrison Dam are at 1,842.6, more than seven feet from reaching the Exclusive Flood Control Zone. Once the dam hits 1,850, it has another four feet of storage until it hits the top of the dam.

In 2018, the Corps raised releases to more than 60,000 cfs to prevent rising levels at Garrison.

The Corps will hold a public meeting talking about managing the Garrison Dam at 6 p.m. at the National Energy Center of Excellence- Bldg. 15, Rm 304- at Bismarck State College on Tuesday, April 9.