Army Corps forecast projects Garrison releases to stay at 46,000 cubic feet per second

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 5:25 PM CDT
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The Army Corps released a new three week forecast Wednesday, saying they will hold releases steady at 46,000 cubic feet per second out of Garrison Dam.

Missouri River Chief John Remus says this will cause the Garrison Dam pool elevation to rise, but still have enough flexibility to hold more water. Remus says the gain is short term and the levels at Garrison will decrease next week.

They will delay releases from Montana's Fort Peck as well.

“Streams that come into the Garrison reservoir aren't showing a widespread increase in flows so we don't think that the increased in flows into the reservoir are going to be long term. It's going to be a short term event,” John Remus, Missouri River Basin Water Management chief for the Army Corps Northwest Division.

Remus says even if the levels go slightly above what the Corp is projecting, there's more than enough space to handle it.