Arioso Music Center Now Open in Bismarck

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BISMARCK, ND - There's a new spot in the Capital City for all the aspiring musicians out there.

The sounds of passionate artists fill the rooms at Arioso Music Academy.

Co-owner Ashley Woehl has taught piano for 17 years and is now dedicated to sharing her passion with her students at her own music center.

"This really kind of started as a dream that my sister in law and I had together. We decided to just open it because, well Michelle is passionate about music as much as I am. And so, that's kind of why we decided to open it," Woehl says.

Woehl says Arioso is unique in that it offers a little something for everyone.

As of now they offer lessons for adults and children and music classes for toddlers and babies.

"There's a certain point where the student becomes wanting to play for themselves. The student wants to play for themselves. And you just look at it and you go, they're enjoying it. And that's my ultimate goal as a teacher," Woehl explains.

Woehl says music allows students to connect to the world in a special way.

She says interacting with music helps with cognitive, emotional, physical and social functions.

For anyone interested in singing or learning to play an instrument Arioso offers orchestral, band, piano, vocal, stringed instrument and percussion lessons.

For more information you can visit