Apple debuts new products

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There are several days Americans look forward to every year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and unveiling of the latest and greatest iPhone.

Cynthia McLaughlin joins us with details on the amazing new devices

Today, Apple debuted it's 2017 line-up during a live-stream event from the Steve Jobs Theater in California. More than a million anxious customers tuned in to see what's new in the tech world.

The staff of Experimac was all eyes and ears as Apple launched it's three new products, including the updated Apple TV, and a new version of the watch and phones. Taylor Rash, owner of Experimac expects consumer will upgrade their devices the minute the items hit store shelves and the internet.

Taylor Rash: "They sell-out day one every single year. I don't think the price point is going to be an issue. They'll sell several million of them."

The iPhone starts at $699, the iPhone-8 Plus is a hundred dollars more and the iPhone-10 starts at $999.00. You can pre-order the new devices from mid September to late October.