Annual Midwestern K9 Training Seminar

Seven handlers and their dogs are training together in Bismarck.

It's part of the second annual Midwestern K9 Training Seminar.

The seminar's purpose is to make the dogs confident in their abilities. The drills and exercises they and their handlers do help them be better prepared for the streets.

Corey Lee and Gambit are working with K9 trainers from other states this week. Lee says it's exciting and fun.

"We're building our resumes as canine handlers and we're helping ourselves out on the street with seeing things that we wouldn't normally train for." - Sgt. Corey Lee, Dickinson Police Department

Trainers from Texas, Kansas, and other states are instructing at The Midwestern K9 Training Seminar. K9 duos statewide are taking part in the drills that prepare them for real world scenarios.

"It's the triggers that the police officer would use to tell the dog that it's time to fight. For instance if someone is walking in or he does a traffic stop and somebody comes out of their car the police officers are going to say hey get back in your car, it's the way he commands." - Chris Jakubin, Military Dog Working Evaluator

Jakubin has done K9 work since 1986, and says the dogs and their handlers greatly benefit from the seminar. One of the drills involves people approaching the dogs in a threatening manner so the canines learn how to properly fight back. Lee says it's always good to be prepared.

"You're always learning something from somebody else it's always good to mix and match some ideas and get together of course it's always nice to see other dogs' work and see how their handlers work their dogs." - Lee

The dogs and their handlers will participate in a K9 challenge this weekend that is open to the public.

It will start at 11 a-m at the far south baseball diamonds at Cottonwood Park.