Annie's House and Bottineau Winter Park Open

BOTTINEAU, N.D. - Bottineau Winter Park and Annie's House opened their mountain this weekend, a week earlier than normal. Usually, temperatures don’t drop low enough this early in the year to make snow.

“Right now we're at about 4.2 million gallons on the ground right now, of the usual 12 million that we make,” says Brad Knudson, Winter Park Manager.

The early start to ski-season means a lot for some of the more dedicated skiers on the mountain.

“From the time snow is on the hill to the time that it starts melting. We meet up in our team room, then we go to stretches, and then we go right into drills for pretty much the entire day,” said Gabe Nero, ski team member.

The park, located in the Turtle Mountains, hosts a variety of ways to have fun in the cold and enjoy winter.

“Snowboard, ski, tube. We have a large tubing park around here, and anyone who can sit, can tube,” said Knudson.

Then he told me how the park and Annie's House aren't just dedicated to winter sport.

“She was one week into her job when the second building... she was two floors above the impact zone,” he said

Jack: Annie, a former skier at the Winter Park, passed away in the terror attacks on Sept. 11. When her family found a bucket list she had kept, they realized she always wanted to own a home in North Dakota.

“So we went out and it took us two years to raise $1.5 million, to build that building, so it’s all paid off. It’s Annie’s house,” he said.

Through fundraising efforts, the winter park built a new building dedicated to Annie, providing a comforting place for everyone on the mountain.

“Come up this winter, and if you've never been to Annie's house, it's well worth your time to come.”