Anne Mahlum inspires Minot community through her words

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MINOT, N.D. - Women Connect brought motivational speaker Anne Mahlum. You may know her as the founder of Back on my Feet and Solidcore.

"People who do things that you think oh my god that person is so brave. It is not that there is not fear there, it is just that they are doing it in spite of the fear,” said Mahlum.

That's just one piece of advice that Bismarck native Mahlum gave to the crowd.

"Speaking is one of my favorite things to do because I get to get up there and talk about the lessons that I have learned and the mistakes that I have made,” said Mahlum.

"I think it is a good reminder to always keep moving forward and try to push your goals and push past fears you have," said Sarah Burckhard who attended the talk.

The entrepreneur talked about her experiences in business, her family life, and her recent Jet Ski accident. She says she hopes to inspire those to make a change.

"Comfort is okay but pushing past that is alright as well," said Burckhard.

"Getting people to ask questions about themselves. How they are living their life. If the way they are living is best serving them. If they are challenging themselves and if they are doing everything in their power to be happy,” said Mahlum.

Mahlum spoke about getting out and actually doing that dream your dreaming of.

"I don't have a background in a lot of things that I have done it was just enough curiosity and passion, persistence, and resilience to try. A lot of people have that if they just allow themselves to do the work,” said Mahlum.

She said she hopes people get out and try new things, because failures are lessons to grow from.

"When you can change who it is that you think that you are or think that you are capable of that is when your life and your trajectory and the people you spend time with and your behavior and you habits start to change,” said Mahlum.

Inspiring others through her own journey.